About TUSK

During all this time we stayed true to one and the same principles of business operations.

About TUSK

Currently, Tusk Construction Support Services (Pty) Ltd provides professional contract management services to the Department of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, to Compass Insurance Company Limited and to CIA Building Insurance.

Tusk Construction Support Services (Pty) Ltd provided account administration services to the Department of Human Settlements, Western Cape, and professional project management and other related professional services to the Department of Education, Free State.

Tusk Construction Support Services (Pty) Ltd is a specialist risk management business with extensive knowledge of the construction industry and supplier network. Our innovative approach to financing, by supporting and empowering emerging contractors and developers, has yielded a sector advantage that has paved the way for many small and medium construction companies.

We have sound relationships with all role players involved in the delivery of subsidy housing, infrastructure and community facilities and provides a range of services including Construction Management Assistance, Construction Finance, Credit Facilities, Material Supply Access and Performance Guarantee facilitation.

We support small and medium sized contractors who have secured financially viable contracts from eligible institutions and who require financial and construction management services to successfully complete these projects.